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AVTEC Instructions and Course Offerings

YDFDA and other funding agencies pay for the cost of training.

Applicants are responsible for filling out the application, and sending it to YDFDA along with a $25 dollar application fee.  Once accepted into AVTEC, transportation to Seward will be paid by YDFDA along with books, technology fees and half of room and board.  AVCP, Inc. or WIA (Workforce Investment Act) will help with the other expenses, which include a security deposit, tools and supplies, tuition, student services fees and half of room and board.

AVTEC Application and Courses Offered

Courses offered at AVTEC are:

Business & Office, Culinary Arts, Automotive, Diesel & Heavy Technology, Facility Maintenance, Industrial Electricity, Pipe Welding, Power Plant Operation, Welding and Alaska Maritime Training Class like Able Seaman, Electronic Navigation Systems, Maritime Safety & Survival, Fishing Vessel Operator, Long-lining and Vessel Operator and Crew member Safety.

AVTEC website is:  www.avtec.edu

Long term training application is : AVTEC Long Term Program Application

High School Nautical Skills: AVTEC Nautical Skills - for High School